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christmas gift box

Holiday Gift Box

A delightful gift box for the season.

A unique holiday gift box with an assortment of items to delight any woman who needs to relax with a good book. A book to read, a candle to light, homemade soap to enjoy, candy and chocolate to taste, earrings to wear, ornaments to decorate the home, and an authentic Nebraska prairie post-card to either mail to a friend or frame as art!

christmas gift box

A complete gift for sisters, aunts, Mom and Grandma. Work parties. Teacher gifts. White elephant or other gift exchange events. Great-aunt Sue and your mother-in-law.

Happy Holidays

The perfect relaxing gift for anyone who loves to read. Light a candle, take a bath, chocolate… all while enjoying a new novel.


  • A sturdy white photo box. A label holder affixed on the front and cardstock separators included. The packaging is part of the gift!
  • Christian Historical Romance Novel : Bluebird on the Prairie by Tasha Hackett
  • 100% soy candle made in Nebraska by Oak Creek Farmhouse: Front Porch. It’s delightfully sweet, but not too sweet. “Fresh, clean, and free” is what comes to mind.
  • Four traditional Swedish straw ornaments with a nod to the Swedish prairie town in Bluebird on the Prairie.
  • A bar of Ghirardelli dark chocolate and a candy cane.
  • A prairie post card. Authentic 1879 prairie dress and photo taken on a Nebraska prairie.
  • Homemade spearmint soap. The soap is made in Nebraska in small batches in the kitchen. Scented with Young Living spearmint essential oil and colored green with the spearmint herb grown in the backyard.
  • Glass bead snowdrop earrings handmade by Tasha and Jasmine Hackett.
christmas ornaments swedish straw

Front Porch in December

This Front Porch scented candle is everything it’s hyped up to be. It’s handmade in small batches by a fellow mompreneur in Nebraska. It’s one I had trouble packing because I stopped every few seconds to open the lid for another delightful breath.

Holiday soap

This soap is made with tallow and olive oil and lye and only scented with natural ingredients—like Young Living spearmint essential oil and colored with the dried spearmint leaves grown in my mother-in-law’s backyard! My family is spoiled and uses this soap daily—the four kids enjoy when Grandma uses her gingerbread cookie cutter to shape their bars. It’s a lovely addition to the gift box wrapped in brown wax paper and tied with ribbon.

Limited Supply—Don’t wait too long!

As it happens, three sold before the listing went live. So we know the holiday gift boxes will go quickly. Thankfully I will continue working with Jessica from Oak Creek Farmhouse and she is developing a candle inspired by the Hearts of the Midwest series that will be available EXCLUSIVELY from my website. More on that in the future. In fact, I have an “IN” on the soap manufacturer, and my daughter and I will soon be going into business making and selling earrings. But in time for this Christmas… only a limited supply of boxes are available. If you think you want one for yourself or to give away, then get one ordered before we run out.

Christmas Hearts of the Midwest

Though the cover of the novel is beautiful, the dress in the post-card is authentic 1879 Midwest fashion. It’s my pleasure to add this post-card to the gift box. The card can be mailed or saved for any other purpose.

Shipping and Tax all Included

Everything is included in the final price (even shipping!) and the box will come wrapped in brown paper—ready to go!