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Teaching Memorial Day: More Powerful Than Hotdogs

Since having children, I’ve wanted to really dig in to the “why” of our holidays. Memorial Day is one that I’ve glazed over in years past. But while browsing curriculum I found something simple to do this year. From Beautiful Feel Books I found a Memorial Day book collection. I’m making myself wait until we’ve finished this year before I buy more books for NEXT year… but apparently more for this year is okay. Book Fever is upon me. It’s the time of year where there’s a countdown to the end instead of counting up, but also the time when I’m hungry for fresh books. Memorial Day is May 31, 2021 and I don’t want it to be just a day of hamburgers and hotdogs. I want that too… but as a homeschool mom, (and non-homeschool moms!) holidays are perfect opportunities for teaching.

Beautiful Memorial Day Books

I was browsing curriculum collections at Beautiful Feet Books and I found a Memorial Day Collection! And yes, I bought it. Five picture books and a digital activity guide make up the pack. We have been winding down our school year the last few weeks as we get busy with spring activities. But we read often and will continue to read throughout the summer. These books aren’t piddling paperbacks that you can pick up for a dollar. They are carefully chosen and put together for a purpose. I look forward to reading them together later this month.

Read toward Memorial Day with Us?

I’d love to have you join us. Be sure to order your own pack this week and we can read the books together. I’ll be posting our experience on my Instagram and sharing our thoughts through the newsletter.

Grab your Memorial Day pack below! And hey, I also saw they have a Father’s Day collection…

Memorial Day Pack – Beautiful Feet Books (

Father’s Day Read-Aloud Pack – Beautiful Feet Books (

A Word about Money

If you gawk at spending $70 dollars for a small pile of books, please consider the time it will take to read them and the payback for your kids/family and the quality of the books. If you go out to the movies with just TWO people, how much is that for 2-3 hours? Take your family out to dinner, how much is that? I could keep going, but you get the idea.

If you truly can’t afford it, don’t buy it! But for me, this purchase will be well worth the investment. Because that’s what it is. An investment. The dividends will pay back for generations. I have memories of snuggling with my mom while she read to me, and I read the same books to my kids and love the nostalgia as my eyes take in the pictures that I marveled at as a child. So now I’m investing in good books with good pictures and good words and, okay, yes. I’ve talked myself into it. I’m adding the Father’s Day collection to my cart, too. Sold.

Ha! Happy Father’s Day, Ben!

Shh. Don’t tell him. No, really. Don’t tell him. And I won’t tell your husband about the books you’re buying for him, either. It’ll be our little secret.