bluebird on the prairie

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Inspirational Historical Romance on the prairie.

bluebird on the prairie

Book Blurb

Haunted by nightmares of her husband’s death, Eloise Davidson struggles to find peace. Obviously, God messed up. Avoiding the town and the people in it has become part of who she is. When she meets a traveler who falls at her feet, (literally, he tumbles down the creek bank) she is more than willing to forget the whole embarrassing thing ever happened. Eloise has enough to worry about without entertaining silly daydreams. But when Zeke threatens the safety net she’s built around herself, she’s not prepared for how her world will change.
Ezekiel “Zeke” James is on the adventure of a lifetime—riding horseback all the way to California. Orphaned at 12 years old, he’s used to making his own way. What he’s not used to is the urge to stay put, especially when the object of his distraction is off-limits. The memory of Mrs. Davidson dressed only in a wet chemise in the creek proves difficult to ignore though. Amid their awkward first (and second) meetings, false assumptions, and a salty soup, Zeke’s plan to venture west begins to unravel.

Will Eloise and Zeke find their happily ever after or will their own plans and limited understanding of one another’s past tear them apart?

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