Eloise clings to the safety and routine of her days. Zeke has his sights set for California.

The perfect match . . . ?

This is Eloise Davidson. Angry, afraid, isolated . . .  

Bluebird on the Prairie is a witty and inspirational romance about finding hope. Is there such a thing as love after grief?

Eloise doesn’t think so. And she sure doesn’t want to have anything to do with Zeke, the stranger who literally slipped off the creek bank and landed on his head while she played in the creek with her toddler nephew.

There she is, wearing nothing but a wet chemise, and a dirty man—who may or may not be attractive in the least—is sprawled out on the gravel at her feet. 

Would you read it?

It’s fine, she thought. I can stay out of his way and avoid him until he leaves town.

He’s only passing through.


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