Eloise clings to the safety and routine of her days. Zeke has his sights set for California.

What could go wrong?

This is Eloise Davidson. Strong, enduring, wistful, angry, afraid, isolated, and determined. 

But what is her story about? Love. But also grief. 

Bluebird on the Prairie is a witty, compelling, and inspirational romance about all the good things like home, family, and love, but it’s about hard things like death, and grief . . . but also about this one time when Eloise was playing the creek with her toddler nephew and a strange man fell down the bank headfirst. 

So there she is, wearing nothing but a wet chemise, which is absolutely scandalous, and a dirty man—who may or may not be attractive in the least—is sprawled out at the bottom of the creek bank. 

Hmm. What would you do?


Remember to order the ingredients for your homemade chocolate bars. You’ll thank me later.